What We Do

Residential Services

Our residential customers use propane mainly for heating their homes, but could also use propane for water heaters, cook stoves, dryers, and generators, just to name a few. We offer multiple delivery options, including an "auto-fill" plan (we monitor your tank, scheduling deliveries as needed, and make sure you never run out), and "will call" plan (you call us when you're ready for a delivery). We also offer special emergency fills on nights/weekends.

Are you a small user of propane and don't quite need the bulk tank in your yard? We'll set you up with our 100# cylinders. These cylinders come with an automatic changeover regulator. This means there is no need to manually switch from one tank to another. The regulator will indicate to you when one tank is empty and needs replacing. Are the tanks too heavy for you? We will pick up the empties, and connect a new full tank for you.

Industrial Services

We have a fill station at our office to provide autogas for your fleet of propane powered vehicles. Propane is a clean burning fuel that is a much cheaper alternative to gasoline.

We also pick-up and deliver forklift cylinders right to your facility. We will come and pick up your tanks, fill them, and return them. We also service each tank for you. If you are in need of a new valve or fitting, we will replace it for you. For more details on our hassle-free process, we're only a phone call away. Give us a call and we'll add you to our route.

Cylinder Filling Services

Ahh what would summer be without a little backyard barbecue? We can fill your 5 to 100 pound cylinders right at our main office. No exchanging and no waiting. We'll fill your tank for you on the spot!

We also sell and service tanks of all sizes, including 5#, 10#, 20#, and 30# tanks for your camper, heater, or any of your other propane needs.

Propane Appliances

We offer quite a variety of propane appliances, and we keep a supply in stock in our Iron Mountain Office. Stop by for a visit and take a look for yourself.

Some of the items we offer are:

  • 8-18 cubic ft refrigerators
  • stoves/ovens
  • heaters
  • lights
  • generators
  • grill parts